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Elisa Videra is a global leading service and solution provider of video conferencing and digital signage solutions. We deploy, integrate and operate visual communication implementations of any complexity using leading edge and best-of-breed technologies. Our end-to-end and fully managed services cover the entire solution lifecycle from solution design, project management, delivery and deployment to maintenance and support. With our certified  global capabilities, we have successfully delivered in excess of 14,000 installations worldwide in over 90 countries. Our team of more than 100 visual communications experts located across Europe and Asia in Finland, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Russia, Hong Kong and Singapore bring a wealth of experience, dedication and  professionalism to our worldwide operations.

Elisa Videra is the Visual Communications Business Unit of Elisa Corporation, a telecommunications, ICT and online service company headquartered in Finland. 


ISO 9001 Certified Operations

ISO 9001 certification was granted to Elisa Videra by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance on 21 February 2010 and renewed for another three years in June 2018. The certificate indicates that Elisa Videra operations meet the internationally recognized quality standards based on a number of quality management principles. The principles include a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach and continual improvement. 

ISO 27001 Cetified Information Security Management System

Elisa Videra received the esteemed ISO 27001 certification by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance in June 2018. This certification shows commitment to meeting the requirements of GDPR; demonstrating both compliance and accountability.

The quality standards are based on audited information on the company's operations in the long term. Collection of information and regular monitoring guarantee the efficiency of the company's operations and the meeting of quality requirements now and in the future.

Environmental Policy

The management is aware that Elisa Videra’s business has both positive and negative effects to the environment. The management is committed to continually reduce harmful environmental effects and pollution of the business and to strengthen its good effects.  Elisa Videra will manage this with the help of environmental management system. Elisa Videra sets programs for achieving these targets and regularly reviews of implementation of the programs. 

Elisa Videra is committed to conform to environmental legislation and other environmental regulations related its business.  Elisa Videra communicates all relevant and business related environmental matters to its personnel. Elisa Videra actively monitors the environmental effects of its (equipment) suppliers and energy efficiency development of equipment. Elisa Videra follows the environmental practices of its cooperative partners and contractors and encourages them to adopt environmentally friendly practices.  

With the help of its video conferencing services Elisa Videra enables its customers to improve their operations and reduce the negative environmental effects of travelling.

Digital Signage services reduces the usage of printed materials and Elisa Videra will search and develop for most environmentally advanced Digital Signage solutions. 

Data protection

Elisa Videra follows Elisa Group data protection principles:


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