Elisa Videra provides Video Conferencing, Enterprise Voice and Digital Signage services worldwide.

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Elisa Videra provides video collaboration and digital signage services worldwide to large international enterprises, by designing, delivering and managing integrated, multi-vendor technology solutions. We work with leading visual communications technologies to support our customers with their choice of platform solutions and equipment. 

We are the global leader in

  • Integration of Enterprise Video,
    Audio and Digital Signage

  • Global Delivery and
    Deployment Services

  • Global Managed Services with Hummingbird monitoring

Elisa Videra's global organisation, spreads across North America, Europe, and APAC.

One global organisation designed to support international enterprises

Elisa Videra's team and operations are designed for supporting large multinational enterprises to meet their unique requirements and needs for globally scaling visual communication solutions and managed services. 

Our global organisation, spreads across North America, Europe, and APAC, and provides international customers with 24/7 customer support, managed services and pro-active monitoring.

Elisa Videra business operations are built using ISO9001 and ISO27001 standards.

Enterprise grade video collaboration and digital signage services

Elisa Videra stands for quality and security. 

Our business operations are built using an ISO9001 model with global certification across all of our countries. We hold the much sought after ISO27001 standard for Security. We are proud to be one of the few providers globally to hold this certification spesifically within the video collaboration and digital signage business. 

These certifications and applied standards ensure our position to offer enterprise grade video collaboration and digital signage services to our customers worldwide.

Elisa Videra partners with industry-leading technology providers.

Partnering with industry-leading technology providers

We supply our customers with all the leading solutions in the market and build multivendor technology environments to meet the requirements of our clients. If there is a new leading technology emerging to the market we will test it and make it a part of our portfolio. 

We understand one size does not fit all and together with our partners we deliver best-in-class solutions and services matching your business needs. 


  • Alma Media

    Video conferencing from a one-stop partner

    "While video conferencing is nothing new to us as a concept, the implementation of Elisa Videra services has made it all go so much smoother." says Juha Punnonen, CIO at Alma Media.

  • Elisa

    Remote management services & remote monitoring

    Elisa opted for smoother video collaboration with remote management services, and made the leap from log files to insight with Hummingbird remote monitoring. 

  • Sodexo

    Virtual event supported by InMeeting Services

    Sodexo’s annual two-day conference for its senior leaders in the APAC region was turned into a successful virtual event with the support of Elisa Videra's InMeeting Services.

Elisa Videra is part of Elisa Corporation, a market leader in mobile and fixed network services in Finland.

Driving international growth for Elisa Corporation

Elisa Videra is part of Elisa Corporation, a market leader in mobile and fixed network services in Finland, and number two in Estonia. Elisa provides sustainable solutions for society and a variety of industries employing over 5,300 professionals internationally in more than 20 countries. 

Elisa has received awards for its persistent work to maintain high quality and is a carbon-neutral company. Elisa’s operations are guided by the principles of continuous improvement, learning and collaboration. 

Experienced video collaboration solutions and digital signage service provider

We have been in the business for more than 30 years specializing in video collaboration and digital signage solutions and services. 

Our journey began in the early 90s by manufacturing video conferencing systems and later on evolved into a multi-technology service provider to better support large enterprises with more complex collaboration requirements. 

Our global presence today comes from a natural transition of supporting large enterprises expanding their operations to multiple countries and requesting visual communications and collaboration solutions to support their operations around the world. 

We help our customers connect their workforce and their customers by delivering video collaboration solutions catering to these requirements as well as equipping customers with workplace signage to enhance their internal communications.

In recent years video collaboration has become widely accepted as one of the primary communication means among businesses but also with consumers’ customer engagements for example in banking and retail. Elisa Videra offers its expertise around collaboration and communication solutions to customers in this space.

Our Mission

A sustainable future through digitalisation

Elisa Videra contributes to Elisa’s mission

Our mission is to enable a sustainable future through digitalisation. We use digitalisation to resolve issues that are important to people, society and to sustainable development, including equality and action to help limit climate change.

Elisa Videra helps customers to achieve their business and sustainability goals

Sustainability in Workplace Collaboration

Elisa Videra helps customers to achieve their business and sustainability goals

  • Enabling the ability to work from anywhere for increased job flexibility, safety and a work-life balance
  • Enabling high quality and secured virtual collaboration with co-workers, customers and partners
  • Reducing energy consumption, CO2 emissions and wastes by using efficient architecture with a longer lifespan and better technologies 
  • Removing the complexity of managing multiple providers through one single solution and service provider architecture

Our Values

Customer Orientation

We stay one step ahead and surprise our customers. We focus on the things that bring value for customers. We make things simple and high quality for customers.


We are honest and open. We keep our promises and are disciplined. We develop our business over the long term for the benefit of our shareholders, customers, personnel, the environment and society.


We are enthusiastic about learning and continuous improvement. We learn from our mistakes – and from our successes. We search for new ways of working and challenge our assumptions.

Result Orientation

We commit ourselves to common, ambitious goals. Where there’s a will, there’s a way – we act decisively and courageously. We choose our focus.


We respect each other and value each other’s work. We work for the common good – Elisa's interests outweigh the interests of the unit or our individual interests. We inspire one another, put ourselves on the line and keep a twinkle in our eyes.