The Best Video Conference Equipment for hybrid work

Article 6/2023, 5 min read

With new ways of working, up to 80 percent of meetings are hybrid meetings where the participants are not in the same place. The role of video in meetings has thus become significant. What benefits does a high-quality video image bring to meetings? And what are the best video conferencing devices for this purpose? The questions were answered by Senior Territory Sales Executive Antti Valtonen and Channel Marketing Manager Jonna Melo da Silva from Jabra.

What benefits does a high-quality video image bring to meetings? 

Shorter and more efficient sessions

"When the cameras are on, the meetings are shorter on average. Then we can also interpret non-verbal communication such as facial expressions and gestures and subconsciously understand things better - and this can be reflected into shorter meetings. Concentration can also be better," says Valtonen.

Feeling of togetherness

The hybrid meetings have also introduced completely new challenges. The meeting experience varies a lot depending on whether the meeting is attended from an office conference room or remotely from another location. For example, a participant with poor sound and image quality may feel that he remains invisible in meetings and thus even outside the working community.

"Video is an essential part of interaction and creating relationships – to avoid the situation where we just rely on sound. A high-quality video image plays a really important role," says Melo da Silva.

Social bonds are strengthened better in meetings where you are present via video than in those without a camera.

Environmental effects

The positive environmental effects are also benefits of video meetings. One may save nature and money if there is no need to move to another location for the meeting, compared to live meetings.

Equality in the work community

"When we are in a meeting with a camera, we will be seen. If the practice is not encouraged, many employees can easily be forgotten - we may not remember their existence or their contribution to the company, as it should be remembered," says Valtonen.

The video also brings equality to meetings.

"No matter where you are or how you join the meeting, it does not reduce your space in the meeting - we are equally present and we will be seen and heard," says Melo da Silva.

Focus on the essentials

When the sound and picture quality is right in meetings, it is easier to focus on the content of the meeting itself and the topics to be discussed. Participants do not need to use all their capacity trying to understand what the other end wants to say.

"If you have to stress about the connection, the attention is focused on the wrong things. That's why high-quality technology can make work much more efficient," Valtonen reminds.

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The best video conferencing equipment according to the use case requirements

No matter where you work, joining meetings as easily as possible and with a good video image is important. For example, tuning the devices should not be challenging, as it easily eats up time and energy from the meeting itself.


An excellent option for meetings held in the office is the Jabra Panacast 50, a smart video bar that can be permanently installed in conference rooms and captures a 180-degree view. The device has artificial intelligence-assisted video control, which enables special functions, such as zooming to the currently active speaker, to work reliably.

Thanks to the wide viewing angle, the square footage of the office can be used efficiently and even a small conference room can be completely captured in the picture. The device also helps ensure that the meeting experience is as pleasant and natural as possible for remote participants.

Because the impressive features of Jabra Panacast 50 have been incredibly popular, requests have been made for Jabra to turn it into a fully-fledged Microsoft Teams Rooms device. Jabra PanaCast 50 Video Bar System, a next-generation, Android-based, stand-alone video bar that once it’s out will include all the capabilities you find on the PanaCast 50 and then some. Jabra PanaCast 50 Video Bar System is on its way to getting certified for Teams and Zoom and first units are planned to be shipped on June 15th.

Jabra PanaCast 50 Video Bar System, a next-generation, Android-based, stand-alone video bar that once it’s out will include all the capabilities you find on the PanaCast 50 and then some. Jabra PanaCast 50 Video Bar System is on its way to getting certified for Teams and Zoom and first units are planned to be shipped on June 15th.

Jabra PanaCast 50 Video Bar System represents a completely new way of thinking about Microsoft Teams Rooms devices. The unit follows the same form factor as previous units and showcases the same impressive capabilities that only a triple-camera array with 4K resolution and a 180-degree field of view can deliver. But unlike other units in the line-up, Jabra has embedded a powerful compute unit inside the video bar and consequently turned it into a fully-fledged certified Microsoft Teams Rooms device.

The combination of high-precision microphones, exquisite audio, camera resolution and lightweight design makes Jabra PanaCast 50 Video Bar System a prime candidate for all types and sizes of meeting spaces. But when deployed in small meeting spaces the Jabra PanaCast 50 Video Bar System outpaces most of its competition.

Home office or Travel

The Jabra PanaCast 20 video camera intended for personal use is the right solution for video conferencing at the home office and when working on the road. The camera is able to optimize light conditions due to its Intelligent Light Optimization feature, so that, for example, the shadow caused by the backlight is not visible and the user's face is repeated in the image with sufficient brightness.

The camera is small and easy to move. You can attach it, for example, above the laptop screen or, for example, place it on a separate screen to optimize the viewing angle.

Group negotiations

The Jabra Panacast Meet Anywhere bundle is an excellent mobile solution for group conferences requiring the best picture and sound quality. The portfolio includes a 180-degree Jabra PanaCast camera and an audio device, which can be used to set up a meeting room in any space.

Jabra's Hybrid Ways of Working 2022 Global Report study was used as a data source.

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