Select your content management system based on your use case and ensure it fully supports your business needs. Contact us!

Digital Signage Content Management Software

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Select your content management system based on your use case and ensure it fully supports your business needs. Increase daily operations efficiency by showing relevant information to selected audiences locally or worldwide.

Right content to the right audience at the right time.

That is the purpose of a content management system. Elisa Videra offers different type of digital signage solutions for different use cases: Workplace Signage, Retail and Digital Out of Home (DOOH). Whether you are looking for traditional playlist approach or a fully automated programmatic engine we have the solution for you.

Valotalive - Workplace Signage 

Valotalive offers over 30 ready integrations which enable automated content updates to the info screens. Data from various intranet, social media, business intelligence and news and weather service platforms brought into one unique modern playlist showing in the info screens locally or worldwide. Through the automated content updates the info screens are dynamic communication channel with almost real-time data. Valotalive is the ideal solution for the workplace. 

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Broadsign - Digital Out of Home (DOOH)

Broadsign is the standard when it comes to Digital out of Home. To ensure the best content management system for DOOH customers Elisa Videra supports the use of Broadsign content management system in our media players. 

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Grassfish – Retail

Grassfish is a leading CMS solution for retail with an impressive list of references and actual use applications. 

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  • Best-in-class digital signage hardware

    Deploy the right digital signage hardware solution to support your advertising need from shopping malls to stadiums or workplace signage connecting your hybrid workforce. We offer a wide range of vendors and flexible device choices with global deployment and management capabilities.

  • Certified professionals at your service

    Get the resources to deploy your communication and collaboration tools more efficiently. Our experts are at your service from quick deployment to designing a solution that fits your needs, keeping the service running and assisting when you need help.

  • Preventive support with real time visibility

    Elisa Videra Hummingbird supports every size of business with real-time visibility and historic analysis of visual communication solutions – helping to ensure emerging issues are fixed before they become major problems.

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Gear up for the new ways of working and empower your organization with data transparency and enhanced daily operation efficiency. Our certified professionals in design, deployment and operations bring solutions to life with a can-do attitude and ensure your solutions are secure and always available, anywhere in the world.

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