Digital Signage Solutions for workplace enrichment

Our Corporate Digital Signage solutions builds up an innovative work environment, where the communication is streamlined, team lives and daily operation efficiency is enhanced with the improved information flow.
From a technical side, there are usually a few key questions when considering bringing in digital signage into workplace: How much does it cost? Can I integrate existing systems? Is it secure enough? Our in-house specialists can assist you in answering these and many more questions. Maximising your investment whether it is capital and or operational cost sensitive is one of our key factors.

When it comes to integration then our teams have many years’ experience in designing and implementing integrated environments and when it comes to security our ISO27001 accreditation speaks for itself. Our complete view of corporate digital signage requirements helps ensure that we are always focused on your needs.

On-site channel

Elisa Videra On-site Channel are a number of highly integrated Digital Signage and interactive solutions for your company's internal and external communications. On-site Channel Solutions bring the news and productivity information to the office environment, where it can be consumed without effort, at a glance. One-site Channels also transform the workplaces into attractive spaces with rich media ambience. 

Business Showroom

Digital Signage is an attractive solution to be utilized in your business showroom to present the latest achievements and innovations to your visitors.