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Using Valotalive workplace signage solution, it’s easy to publish internal communications and reach the right target audience, all in one dynamic information flow. Improve employee communication and enhance your “hybrid work” strategy in offices, lobbies and production sites.

Valotalive Service offers over 30 integrations which enable automated content updates to the info screens. Data from various intranet, social media, business intelligence and news and weather service platforms brought into one unique modern playlist showing in the info screens locally or worldwide. Through the automated content updates the info screens are dynamic communication channel with almost real-time data. 

Secure turn-key apps

Instantly connect with your favorite business applications. Integrate Digital Signage into your communication and business processes – display visual KPIs using Apps.

  • Benefit from an increasing amount of integrations
  • Use my Content Channels for easy local & global communication

Multiple apps in one flow

A Flow is a unique, modern “playlist” - It combines your apps into a flow of information. 

  • Set it and forget it – enjoy the benefits of automated content updates
  • Easily manage local & global content
  • Set content importance with weights

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  • Digital Signage expertise

    Leave the technology headaches to us. We help you design, optimize and deliver a fully functioning workplace signage solution – tailored for your needs and requirements. 

  • Global Delivery and Deployment Services

    Our certified professionals ensure that your solutions are secure and always available – anywhere in the world. Delivery and Deployment to over 100 countries globally.

  • Peace of mind with Elisa Videra Managed Services

    Enjoy the solution benefits without stress. We take care of the complexity of digital signage maintenance, giving you a peace of mind to focus on core business.

  • Service monitoring using Hummingbird

    Elisa Videra’s monitoring system Hummingbird enables proactive responses with real-time visibility of all assets, usage data and service performance.

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Gear up for the new ways of working and provide your people with freedom of choice wherever they meet and work. Our certified professionals ensure that your solutions are secure and always available, anywhere in the world. Any cloud, any device – we make it work.

More on Valotalive solutions

Elisa Videra is a Valotalive Global Managed Service Partner. We help you design fully functioning solutions based on your business needs, equip you with workplace signage devices and ensure your solutions are always available without the maintenance headaches.

To learn more on Valotalive solution please visit Valotalive website.

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