Enable you to use the Microsoft Teams client with Elisa Videra Teams Direct Routing as your business phone system.

Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams

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Renew your enterprise voice environment. Place and receive phone calls with the Microsoft Teams client and use the call-out capability from Microsoft Teams meetings to a phone. 

Many organizations today have complex, expensive and difficult-to-maintain on-premises voice infrastructures. With the booming cloudification trend, and the adoption of Microsoft Teams, organizations must also decide how to bring their enterprise voice environment up-to-date.

Use Microsoft Teams as your business phone system

Unify your services and expand your Teams capabilities with Elisa Videra Teams Direct Routing. Direct Routing enables you to use Teams as your business phone system, make and receive phone calls from Teams. Installation and scalability is managed by Elisa Videra.

Extend the experience with Interoperability

Extend the seamless experience to your legacy business phone systems with Direct Routing. Other built-in Microsoft Teams functionalities, such as voicemail, call queues, auto-attendants and pick-up groups will be available with this service. With the help of Direct Routing, Microsoft Teams can also be leveraged for contact center purposes. 

Flexible, scalable and cost-efficient deployment 

Elisa Videra’s readily available, secure and scalable shared service model is cost efficient and quickly adopted. It enables you to remove any on-premises voice infrastructure. In a dedicated service model we also support the integrations to retain parts of your on-premises voice environment systems.  

Certified professionals at your service  

Get the resources to deploy your communication and collaboration tools more efficiently. Our experts are at your service from quick deployment to designing a solution that fits your needs, keeping the service running and assisting whenever you need help.

Preventive support with real time visibility

Elisa Videra Hummingbird supports every level of business with​ real-time visibility and historic analysis​ of visual communication solutions and helps ensure emerging issues are fixed before they become major problems.

Interoperability and Gateway solutions

Make most out of your solutions. Enable wider use of other technologies with Teams by our interoperability gateway solutions, and let third-party systems connect to your Teams meetings.  

Any cloud, any device – we make it work

Provide your people with freedom of choice wherever they meet and work. Elisa Videra designs, integrates, delivers and manages interoperable technology solutions with a can-do attitude.

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