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Article 5/2023, 5 min read

Turning Business Leaders' Challenges into Opportunities

Imagine yourself, a business leader, responsible for making critical decisions and managing investments in a world of constant change and digital transformation. Amidst the chaos, Elisa Hummingbird emerges to sight, not only simplifying IT environments but harnessing you with clear insights to drive better business outcomes along with managing support.

  • Poly Studio X70 video bar and G7500 are MTR certified

    HP-Poly portfolio designed for Microsoft Teams Rooms now features the newly certified Poly Studio X70 video bar for large rooms and G7500 modular room solution.

  • A Hybrid Work Horror Story: How Inadequate Collaboration Solutions Terrorize Businesses

    Welcome to the shadowy corners of hybrid work, where appearances might mask a chilling reality. This tale will either teach or remind us about the crucial elements that can make or break a business's hybrid workplace success: planning, design, and implementation.

  • Video collaboration and digital communication driving sustainability

    The concept of modern virtual collaboration goes hand in hand with increasing sustainability requirements. When the idea of sustainability is taken further to cover all links of the value chain, it can become a game-changing business accelerator.

  • Moving from legacy video conferencing to MTRs

    The journey with Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) has been both eventful and fast-paced with many teething issues experienced during the past two years. This has to lead to many companies facing challenges and they have only started to realise that they need support with the transition to ensure that the MTR rollout is successful.


  • Meeting Experience Content Hub

    Supercharge your meeting experiences!

    Sign in for our MEETING EXPERIENCE CONTENT HUB powered by Jabra and learn how rich collaboration technologies can improve your meetings and how to supercharge the use of small meeting spaces with Jabra PanaCast 50 Video Bar System.

  • E-book

    Understanding the  importance of a specialised  service provider for  Microsoft Teams Rooms

    As Microsoft Teams Rooms requires a new approach and specific understanding of room systems, it is often a worthwhile decision to outsource support to an MTR specialised managed service provider rather than train the staff or the IT service provider on all the room, device, monitoring system and technology vendor-specific details.

    Download our handbook to learn more on why managing and maintaining MTRs might be more difficult task than it might sound.

  • E-book

    How to ensure successful Microsoft Teams Rooms deployment

    Discover concrete tips on how to avoid the most common pitfalls of Microsoft Teams Rooms deployment and how you can reach the maximum return of your investment.

    Download today your free copy of Elisa Videra's guidebook for IT explaining the process of moving from legacy devices to modern Microsoft Teams Rooms solutions.

  • E-Magazine

    Navigating Through the Transformation of Work

    From balancing life and work, to designing office spaces and homes, and to utilising data and establishing guidelines that engage the entire organisation to play by the same rules – the world of hybrid working has several dimensions. The time has come to learn how to navigate through the transformation. We teamed up with Microsoft and Poly to produce an e-magazine including series of insightful articles focusing on how you can embrace the opportunities of Hybrid and lead your organization forward with a sustainable plan. 

Virtual Events

On-demand video, 05/2022

The Age of Convenience
Immediate Access and Boosted Customer Experience through Video

Video has become an everyday tool for everyone. To remain competitive, businesses need to provide engaging online channels for customer interaction. Watch the on-demand video today and learn more about the business benefits of boosting customer service with video for the Retail and Banking & Finance verticals. 

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  • Optimise Hybrid Work

    How can you understand what capabilities are needed to enable new ways of working? There are many considerations and impacts when deciding how your organization will work in the future . To help you make informed decisions, Elisa Videra is organising an online event summarising the requirements for the digital environment for Hybrid Work with Poly and Microsoft.

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  • Say Hello to Hybrid Work

    The future of work has been redefined. New rules, new conventions on how we work, where we work and how we balance our lives must be made. There is no going back to how things were.  

    We teamed up with Microsoft and Poly to produce a series of insightful interviews focusing on how you can embrace the opportunities of Hybrid and lead your organization forward with a sustainable plan.  

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  • Reimagine the workplace transformation

    What will workplaces look like in the future and are we ready for that? Make today your moment by reimagining your  ways of working, remote innovation, security and employee wellbeing to thrive with the "hybrid work" concept. 

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  • Upgrade your group collaboration with Surface Hub 2S 85''

    The new 85" version of the Surface Hub family brings the Surface Hub 2S experience to spaces requiring a larger screen and it is designed for group collaboration.  In the online event you will hear use case examples for Surface Hub 2S and to see a practical 85“ version device demonstration. As part of the event we will showcase the easy access possibilities Elisa Videra offers to modern meeting devices. 

    +Watch the recording

Case studies


    Elisa opted for smoother video collaboration with remote management services, and made the leap from log files to insight with Hummingbird remote monitoring. 



    Alma Media welcomes smoother video conferencing and a one-stop partner. 



    Sodexo’s annual two-day conference for its senior leaders in the APAC region was turned into a successful virtual event. 


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