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Article 11/2022, 5 min read

Envisioning Lab for Remote Collaborators - video collaboration devices by Poly

Thanks to modern technology most of us have the tools needed to work from home and to be productive. However, we are all individuals and we all have our own set of requirements of how to bring our best self to meetings and ensure that best possible outcome of our encounters. Elisa Videra Envisioning Lab for Remote Collaborators reviews products to share how different types of products are performing in your most common remote environment and what are the optional use cases for the devices. 


Moving from legacy video conferencing to MTRs

The journey with Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) has been both eventful and fast paced with many teething issues experienced during the past two years. This has lead to many companies facing challenges in the transition from legacy video conferencing devices to MTRs. This development is still ongoing, and companies have only started to realise that they need support with the transition to ensure that the MTR rollout is successful.


Choosing a Service Provider for Microsoft Teams Rooms

Microsoft Teams Rooms integration requires experience in handling the ongoing shortage of conference room equipment and ensuring undisturbed workflow in the setup. However, that is just the start. A good service provider can help improve user adoption and increase reliability and IT efficiency to make the most of Microsoft Teams Rooms. 

According to Owe Ekman, VP Services at Elisa Videra, choosing Microsoft Teams as the platform for virtual collaboration should be a strategic decision within the organisation. In addition, it should be understood that the switch from other systems and technologies does not take place overnight. Transition is a continuous process that requires continuous management in order to be successful.  

But how can you estimate the value a Service Provider can bring to your business?


Valtori selected Elisa Videra to provide the the Central Government video conferencing services

Valtori, the government ITC Center in Finland, has decided to renew the video conferencing service for the Central Government of Finland. Elisa Corporation, and Elisa Videra as their subcontractor, were selected as the service provider. The contract was signed on the 20th September 2022.

”The aim of the project is to renew the way video conferencing services are provided for our customers. In the future we will be able to offer new capabilities which are a better match to the customer needs and enable new ways of working. Information security has a highlighted significance for our operational environment as even the general management for the Central Government of Finland will be using the video conferencing service” says Antti Närhinsalo (Product Manager, Valtori). 


Don't plan, but be prepared

In the era of Hybrid Work, no organisation can aspire to be completely self-sufficient. Seamless collaboration between specialised partners provides both a comprehensive view of the wider picture as well as an opportunity to take advantage of the best possible expertise for any given challenge and situation. Collaboration with the ecosystem must also be orchestrated in a way that further opens the route to tangible results.  

“This is where Elisa Videra comes in. By combining the individual capabilities of ecosystem partners and refining them into comprehensive, scalable solutions, we can ensure that our ecosystem has what it takes to provide swift, reliable solutions to the challenges our clients are facing,” says Rasmus Almqvist, Director, Workplace Collaboration & Channels, Elisa Videra. 



E-MAGAZINE: Navigating Through the Transformation of Work

From balancing life and work, to designing office spaces and homes, and to utilising data and establishing guidelines that engage the entire organisation to play by the same rules – the world of hybrid working has several dimensions. The time has come to learn how to navigate through the transformation. We teamed up with Microsoft and Poly to produce an e-magazine including series of insightful articles focusing on how you can embrace the opportunities of Hybrid and lead your organization forward with a sustainable plan. 


Download a PDF Guidebook to learn how to create an optimal digital collaboration experience for your organisation

What are the new standards for both workspace design and management? What are the tools and what kind of workspaces are needed to make work meaningful and to enable effective workflow? Ability to adapt quickly to changing situations has become a prerequisite for office design and Hybrid work has become an inevitable element for every organisation. To help business leaders define the optimal digital collaboration experience for their organization working in hybrid mode we gathered our tips for making every encounter count into a PDF Guidebook.


Video meeting etiquette helps you to embrace the online meeting culture

Even though an online environment might be new, and although there are some subtle differences compared to meetings in person, the culture is easy to grasp. We have created “video meeting etiquette” to support you to embrace the online meeting culture. We believe it will help you to achieve the best possible video meeting experience!


Virtual Events

On-demand video, 05/2022

The Age of Convenience
Immediate Access and Boosted Customer Experience through Video

Video has become an everyday tool for everyone. To remain competitive, businesses need to provide engaging online channels for customer interaction. Watch the on-demand video today and learn more about the business benefits of boosting customer service with video for the Retail and Banking & Finance verticals. 

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Optimise Hybrid Work

How can you understand what capabilities are needed to enable new ways of working? There are many considerations and impacts when deciding how your organization will work in the future . To help you make informed decisions, Elisa Videra is organising an online event summarising the requirements for the digital environment for Hybrid Work with Poly and Microsoft.

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Say Hello to Hybrid Work

The future of work has been redefined. New rules, new conventions on how we work, where we work and how we balance our lives must be made. There is no going back to how things were.  

We teamed up with Microsoft and Poly to produce a series of insightful interviews focusing on how you can embrace the opportunities of Hybrid and lead your organization forward with a sustainable plan.  

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Reimagine the workplace transformation

What will workplaces look like in the future and are we ready for that? Make today your moment by reimagining your  ways of working, remote innovation, security and employee wellbeing to thrive with the "hybrid work" concept. 

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Upgrade your group collaboration with Surface Hub 2S 85''

The new 85" version of the Surface Hub family brings the Surface Hub 2S experience to spaces requiring a larger screen and it is designed for group collaboration.  In the online event you will hear use case examples for Surface Hub 2S and to see a practical 85“ version device demonstration. As part of the event we will showcase the easy access possibilities Elisa Videra offers to modern meeting devices. 

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Case studies


Elisa opted for smoother video collaboration with remote management services, and made the leap from log files to insight with Hummingbird remote monitoring. 



Alma Media welcomes smoother video conferencing and a one-stop partner. 



Sodexo’s annual two-day conference for its senior leaders in the APAC region was turned into a successful virtual event. 


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