Elisa Videra and Jabra partnership offers an ideal remote working kit for companies

Jabra and Elisa Videra UK partnership

News Article 03/2022, 5 min read

Comprehensive understanding becomes essential as the challenges impacting remote working continue to evolve. This is where proven specialists in professional audio and video that complement each other can create added value for the benefit of the customer. 

Synergy that creates holistic remote working experiences

As remote working becomes the norm, an understanding of what it can and should cover is increasingly important as companies look to support dispersed teams and maximise competitive advantages. Employees do not necessarily know where they will spend their days, so the devices they use wherever they work should be able to meet any remote collaboration needs.

Clear audio, sharp video, wide mobile internet subscriptions or sophisticated collaboration platforms are not going to cut it alone, and the wide variety of devices, applications and other available support functions can be a minefield. The more comprehensive our knowledge of the remote working experience, the more satisfied and productive  will our remote workers become.

“Flexibility and autonomy have become key motivators to modern professionals,” says Georgina Austin-Smith, Channel Manager Video/Collaboration EMEA North at Jabra, referring to the company’s global hybrid working research. “Today, 59% of all workers consider flexibility a better perk than salary, while three out of four already expect to be able to work from anywhere.”

Jabra has a long history of equipping users with professional UC-certified audio devices that allow them to collaborate from anywhere, further expanding this offering with a variety of video conferencing cameras designed to cater for personal and fixed meeting environments.

“We want to design high-quality tools for remote workers so that they can be productive,” Georgina Austin-Smith emphasises. ”As customers’ needs keep becoming more versatile, so must our ability to meet and even exceed them.” 

One such example is the Jabra PanaCast 50, engineered to be the first new-normal-ready intelligent video bar. It goes without saying that PanaCast 50 provides an astounding audio experience. In addition, it enables a 180-degree field of view in Panoramic-4K, while an advanced on-device AI powers a range of additional intelligent features. While making remote meeting experiences more inclusive, PanaCast 50 helps make the use of offices and collaboration spaces both safer and more efficient.

How 1+1 can become more than two

Collaboration is at the heart of the transformation that is gaining traction around the world. As elements such as Artificial Intelligence and machine learning assume a stronger role in making remote working productive and meaningful, partnerships between companies that can complement each other at the heart of such development are important in seizing future opportunities.

This is the driving idea behind the partnership between Jabra and Elisa Videra. Rhys Matthews, Global Partner Lead, OEM at Elisa Videra explains that while there are several fundamental elements that help form a solid foundation for good collaboration – such as shared values and a belief in top-notch technologies – Jabra's successful venture into video is one of the achievements that especially got Elisa Videra's attention.

“Jabra has always been known for its expertise in audio, and they have leveraged that professionalism into video communications as well. Jabra certainly knows where the industry is going, and they are well set up to support us in creating better remote working solutions.”

Matthews also praises Jabra's knowledge of how channel partners work and how to support the value chain in a way that adds value to a solution provider such as Elisa Videra. Exceptional understanding is backed up by high-quality products that come with good warranties and service options. 

Modern remote workers require high-quality products that are certified to work on multiple UC platforms. During a quite typical day, platforms, locations and devices can change numerous times, yet the experience must remain the same. While ensuring this is one of Elisa Videra's core strengths, Jabra's products that have these capabilities built in certainly make for excellent building blocks for an ideal total remote working kit.

Intelligent analytics driving innovation

“Elisa Videra is already strong in areas that support our offering in a way that builds synergy,” says Georgina Austin-Smith. “Elisa Videra is an expert in issues such as AI and analytics. By understanding and fully utilising the PanaCast features, they are able to offer their customers intelligence that is so essential in developing better overall solutions for mobile workers.”

From the product development point of view, identifying possible problem areas and gathering analytics on how meeting rooms are being used are other examples of situations where the partnership between Jabra and Elisa Videra can really rise to the challenge. The companies' core expertise lies in doing different things, but as those things can be seamlessly aligned and integrated, they create an entity with genuine synergy and provide added value for customers.

Jabra provides the hardware, Videra provides integrated solutions, installations, maintenance and support. By working together, everything is backed up by relevant statistics and data on how and from where equipment, applications and various platforms are being used. This helps customers understand their own needs better. While ensuring the best possible remote working experience, it is also the perfect foundation for further development.

Rhys Matthews concludes that the fact that both companies are from the Nordic countries certainly does not do any harm. 

“As Nordic companies, Jabra and Elisa Videra share the same values and ideology. Even more importantly, we are heading in the same direction, creating better experiences for remote workers, and enabling companies to optimise their investments with thoroughly cutting-edge solutions.”

Make the most of your virtual communications solutions.

  • Right solution to support your hybrid work

    Deploy the right video hardware solution to support your hybrid work concept and accommodate every size of workspace from home offices to auditoriums. We offer a wide range of vendors and flexible device choices with global deployment and management capabilities.

  • Secure solutions with complementing hardware

    Choose the most suitable video infrastructure deployment scheme for your needs: on-premise, private Cloud, shared Cloud or hybrid. Elisa Videra connects different vendor technologies, platforms and devices, offering you a full control and integration possibilities.

  • Enhanced professional services

    Get the resources to design and implement your communication solutions smoothly and efficiently. Our experts are at your service from solution planning and design to security assessment & optimization and architecture design.

  • Global Managed​ Services & Monitoring 

    Ensure video conference solutions availability and call quality and get peace of mind with our Managed Services; management of your hybrid work environments, emerging issues automatically fixed before they become problems and effortless monitoring.

Any cloud, any device – we make it work

Provide your people with freedom of choice wherever they meet and work. Elisa Videra designs, integrates, delivers and manages interoperable technology solutions for large international enterprises, with a can-do attitude. We understand the complexities of moving towards Hybrid Work and we build a credible roadmap to hybrid work based on your business needs.

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