E-MAGAZINE: Navigating Through the Transformation of Work

Hybrid working is an infinite journey – make the most of it with a new approach

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From balancing life and work, to designing office spaces and homes, and to utilising data and establishing guidelines that engage the entire organisation to play by the same rules – the world of hybrid working has several dimensions. The time has come to learn how to navigate through the transformation. We teamed up with Microsoft and Poly to produce an e-magazine including series of insightful articles focusing on how you can embrace the opportunities of Hybrid and lead your organization forward with a sustainable plan. 

The past two years have been one heck of a rollercoaster ride. During this period, many of us have gone through life-changing experiences. At the same time, we have had to learn new ways of combining life and work. What is clear, though, is that now that we are moving towards a more normal way of working, we are all bringing our own hands-on experiences and expectations about the future back to the workplace. Business leaders all around the world now face the challenge of combining the needs and expectations of their workforce.

Download your copy to learn more on:

  1. how to define a clear path and strategy towards Hybrid for your organization.
  2. why the importance of leadership is emphasized in the hybrid work mode.
  3. data and how it can provide more insight for leaders planning Hybrid Work models.
  4. how to create an optimized workspace that motivates the return to the office.
  5. how to equip your home office to create the professional look you always desired.

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