Online event summarising the requirements for the digital environment for Hybrid Work

Online Event: Optimizing Hybrid Work

New Ways of Working – Secure & Future Proof – Always Available


How can you understand what capabilities are needed to enable new ways of working? There are many considerations and impacts when deciding how your organization will work in the future . To help you make informed decisions, Elisa Videra is organising an online event summarising the requirements for the digital environment for Hybrid Work with Poly and Microsoft.


For IT and CxOs planning the digital environment for hybrid for their organisation


Thursday 5th May 2022, 
09:00-10:15 CET


Microsoft Teams Live Event

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The event will be held in a Microsoft Teams Live virtual space. 


09:00-09:10     Welcome and Introduction to Elisa Videra Envisioning Lab 

Introduction to the Elisa Videra Envisioning Lab concept: What is it and how does it support businesses with planning and validating hybrid work models? 

Event Host: Rasmus Almqvist, Elisa Videra

09:10-09:20     New Ways of Working and the Optimal Digital Environment for Hybrid

How do the ways of working and related processes change when the organisation works in a hybrid mode? How do the communication solutions support the modern work and how do you ensure your organisation has the solutions they need?  An optimised digital environment for hybrid supports your organisation without location dependencies and addresses the needs and ways of working for different kinds of users.

Speaker: Owe Ekman, Elisa Videra

09:20-09:30     Interview: 3 aspects you need to consider for a secure workplace

The security parameter of today's organization extends well beyond the traditional physical office spaces. Going forward we work using different devices, connections and locations. Learn the 3 must do things you should consider going forward.

Interviewee: Kalle Saarikannas, Microsoft Finland
Interviewer: Rasmus Almqvist, Elisa Videra

09:30-09:40      Future proof and secure solutions for hybrid

Being prepared is a key topic for IT during a time when there are many uncertainties caused by world events. In addition to being secure the solutions need to be future-proof. What are the challenges and effects of hybrid and how to tackle them?

Speaker: Eero Heikkilä, Elisa Videra

09:40-10:00      Hybrid Work Envisioning Lab Panel Discussion, including demo videos on:

  • Home office Solution with Poly Studio P21
  • Executive Room Solution with Poly Studio E70 + Microsoft Surface Hub 2S
  • Small Video enabled shared spaces with Poly Studio P15

Host: Rasmus Almqvist, Elisa Videra
Guests: Vincent Dal (Poly), Kalle Saarikannas (Microsoft Finland), Eeva Nyberg (Elisa Videra)

09:30-09:40      Always available solutions without headaches

The new ways of working also affect Managed Services. This is a crucial area to secure since it affects solution environment management, supporting end users and securing the availability of the solution. What are the key aspects for you to consider and how to ensure hybrid solutions without major headaches?

Speaker: Eeva Nyberg, Elisa Videra

11:55-12:00      Summary and Event closing

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Meet our innovative & expert speakers in the event!

Event Host

Rasmus Almqvist
Director, Workplace Collaboration & Channels, Elisa Videra

Rasmus Almqvist leads Elisa Videra’s go-to-market strategy on Hybrid Work and has +20 years of experience leading demanding transformational engagements. Focusing on helping organizations take advantage of the opportunities of a more hybrid form of working, Rasmus manages a team of collaboration specialists dedicated to delivering solutions that meet the requirements.  Previous organizations include Microsoft, Cisco, Skype and Nokia where he held global business development roles.

When not busy transforming the way customers work, Rasmus is busy helping his family run a stable of racing ponies.

Panel Discussion Guest

Vincent Dal
Solution Architect Manager EMEA, Poly

Vincent Dal is EMEA Solution Architect Manager at Poly, focusing on the Microsoft TEAMS ecosystem integration. 

His career started in telecommunications and grew through VoIP into Collaboration. Vincent has always been an advocate for the new way of working and, and thus always been an early adopter of new technologies. Working from home has become is preferred way of working, using high quality video and audio to optimize the experience. 

Keynote Speaker

Owe Ekman,
Vice President Global Portfolio and Solutions, Elisa Videra

Owe Ekman is currently leading the Global Portfolio and Solutions unit and has over the past six years been part of the leadership team at Elisa Videra. During the past 18 years he has been working at companies like TeliaSonera, Cisco Finland and Tandberg, which provides him with a strong expertise in the branch of visual communication. His vast experience in sales, marketing and product development, makes him a true veteran in the field. On top of this, he has a wide view on possibilities to build sustainable development for enterprises and communities through visual communication. 

Keynote Speaker

Eero Heikkilä
Head of Solutions Design and Professional Services, Elisa Videra

Eero Heikkilä has been working for Elisa Videra for 11+ years in various technical and pre-sales engineering related positions. Currently he's leading Elisa Videra's Solution Design and Professional Services function. From very early on in his career with Elisa Videra, Eero has dealt with complex designs and deployments of solutions from multiple different collaboration vendors. As such, he knows the ins and outs of different collaboration technologies and can always work to the best of the customer's interest. Eero is passionate about technology and resolving customer problems, and has a holistic perspective to things he works with.

Interviewee & Panel Discussion Guest

Kalle Saarikannas,
Product Marketing Manager, Modern Workplace, Microsoft Finland

Kalle is the product marketing manager for Microsoft Finland’s Modern Workplace solutions.
He has diverse experience from combining new technologies with modern ways of working to empower organizations to achieve more.

Before moving to Microsoft Kalle spent several years in the startup space where he worked with innovative technologies such as virtual and augmented reality. 

Keynote Speaker & Panel Discussion Guest

Eeva Nyberg,
Business Lead, Insights & Analytics, Elisa Videra

Eeva leads the offering area of Insight & Analytics (since 05/2021) as part of the Global Portfolio & Solutions team at Elisa Videra. Prior to taking on a Business Lead role this year, Eeva has worked 9+ years in various positions in product and operations. 

With having contributed to the company’s success in multiple roles over the years, Eeva has gained diverse knowledge and experience of the market requirements, unified collaboration industry and related technologies. She hopes to help people and corporations optimize the way they work through digitalization.

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What are the new standards for both workspace design and management? What are the tools and what kind of workspaces are needed to make work meaningful and to enable effective workflow? Ability to adapt quickly to changing situations has become a prerequisite for office design and Hybrid work has become an inevitable element for every organisation. To help business leaders define the optimal digital collaboration experience for their organization working in hybrid mode we gathered our tips for making every encounter count into a PDF Guidebook.