Learn more about the business benefits of boosting customer service with video

On-demand video: The Age of Convenience

Immediate Access and Boosted Customer Experience through Video

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Video has become an everyday tool for everyone. To remain competitive, businesses need to provide engaging online channels for customer interaction. Watch the on-demand video today and learn more about the business benefits of boosting customer service with video for the Retail and Banking & Finance verticals. 

For Senior decision makers in Retail and Banking & Finance verticals

On-demand video

1h recording 


Welcome, 5min

Customer engagement is one of the key processes for any business. To remain competitive, companies now need to provide engaging online channels for customer interaction. Video enablement makes the remote face-to-face experience more personal and allows you to win the end-customer’s trust.

Rasmus Almqvist, Elisa Videra
Michael Whittam, Pexip

Keynote: The Age of Convenience and how it will impact your business, 20min

Video has become an everyday tool for everyone, both at work and in their personal life. As digital tools have become widely adopted, they are also expected as part of an up-to-date customer service. In this keynote you will hear:

  • how consumer behaviour has changed and what kind of requirements it sets for the online customer service.
  • what are the latest trends within online customer service.
  • what are the business benefits and impacts of boosting customer service with video.

Professor Moira Clark, Henley Business School

Vertical use cases: Retail, Banking & Finance, 15 min

Learn how Customer Engagement Solutions can be used in the Retail and Banking & Finance verticals to boost business. 

Eero Heikkilä, Elisa Videra

4  Q&A and Event Closing, 15min

All Event Speakers

Meet our event’s innovative and expert speakers!

Keynote Speaker

Moira Clark,
Professor of Strategic Marketing, Henley Business School

Professor Moira Clark is a leading expert in Strategic Customer Management and the Founder and Director of The Henley Centre for Customer Management, a research centre developing joint research initiatives about leading-edge best practices in customer management. She has worked extensively in the area of culture and climate, its impact on retention and loyalty, and the critical linkages between employee behaviour and customer retention. Moira has extensive marketing consultancy experience with leading international companies and sits on a number of advisory boards. She has researched and published widely on Customer Management, Relationship Marketing, Customer Experience and Service Excellence. 

Keynote Speaker

Eero Heikkilä,
Head of Solutions Design and Professional Services, Elisa Videra

Eero Heikkilä has been working for Elisa Videra for 11+ years in various technical and pre-sales engineering related positions. Currently he's leading Elisa Videra's Solution Design and Professional Services function. From very early on in his career with Elisa Videra, Eero has dealt with complex designs and deployments of solutions from multiple different collaboration vendors. As such, he knows the ins and outs of different collaboration technologies and can always work to the best of the customer's interest. Eero is passionate about technology and resolving customer problems, and has a holistic perspective to things he works with.

Event Host

Michael Whittam,
VP Sales North Europe, Pexip

Michael Whittam is the VP of Sales for North Europe for Pexip, coaching and looking after our sales teams across the territory. He has been with the company for over five years, and has a background of of over 12 years in working within video conferencing and unified communications; with some of North Europe’s largest retailers, banks and financial services institutions on innovative video solutions for customer communications.

Event Host

Rasmus Almqvist,
Director, Workplace Collaboration & Channels, Elisa Videra

Rasmus Almqvist leads Elisa Videra’s go-to-market strategy on Hybrid Work and has +20 years of experience leading demanding transformational engagements. Focusing on helping organizations take advantage of the opportunities of a more hybrid form of working, Rasmus manages a team of collaboration specialists dedicated to delivering solutions that meet the requirements.  Previous organizations include Microsoft, Cisco, Skype and Nokia where he held global business development roles.

When not busy transforming the way customers work, Rasmus is busy helping his family run a stable of racing ponies.

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