On 20th September 2022 Government ICT Centre Valtori representatives were invited to the official contract-signing ceremony at Elisa Headquarters.

Valtori selected Elisa Videra to provide the the Central Government video conferencing services

News Article 09/2022, 3 min read

Valtori, the government ITC Center in Finland, has decided to renew the video conferencing service for the Central Government of Finland. Elisa Corporation, and Elisa Videra as their subcontractor, were selected as the service provider. The contract was signed on the 20th September 2022.

The procurement and competitive bidding were implemented by using the online procurement service Hilma during the summer of 2021. The starting point for the bidding was an open competitive bidding in which service providers were asked to participate in to ensure a comprehensive and sufficient dialogue between Valtori and the service providers. 

Elisa Corporation, and Elisa Videra as their subcontractor, were selected as the service provider for the Central Government video conferencing services. The contract is a fixed-term contract for five years with an option for two additional years. The contract was signed on the 20th September 2022. The estimated value of the contract is 27 M€.  The services are provided as a turnkey SaaS solution. The implementation planning for the new service will move forward in phases during early 2023. 

”The aim of the project is to renew the way video conferencing services are provided for our customers. In the future we will be able to offer new capabilities which are a better match to the customer needs and enable new ways of working. Information security has a highlighted significance for our operational environment as even the general management for the Central Government of Finland will be using the video conferencing service” says Antti Närhinsalo (Product Manager, Valtori). 

”The procurement decision and the future contract plays a significant role in Elisa Corporation’s offering and delivery of secure video conferencing services. With its subsidiary Elisa Videra, Elisa Corporation is responsible for designing, implementing and supporting the video conferencing platform, as well as other add-on services in their entirety for the next five years. We believe,  together with Valtori, we will be able to further enhance and improve government video conferencing services and to provide high-quality services,” says Mika Pirinen, Elisa Videra Sales Director for Finland. 

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