Covid-19 has forced us to adapt quickly and find new ways of working to guarantee business continuity and employee safety at a faster pace than ever imagined. This has led to an exponential growth in video conferencing usage minutes as remote work has become the new normal. Contact us to find the best solution for oyur video conferencing needs.

Create additional value by meeting your customers by video


The current global covid-19 pandemic has shown us all how rapidly the environment we live in may change. The evolving situation has forced us to adapt quickly and find new ways of working to guarantee business continuity and employee safety at a faster pace than ever imagined. This has led to an exponential growth in video conferencing usage minutes as remote work has become the new normal. 

Successful internal online meetings create a great basis for taking the next natural step with this medium: meeting customers and other third-party representatives via video with a skillset and tools already honed and polished based on internal meetings. A great way to start exploring external video meetings is to continue ongoing discussions with a partner or an existing customer. Be mindful of meeting other external interest groups via video as, for example, this might prove an appropriate enabler for hiring a new employee at a job interview during the Coronavirus travel ban e.g. someone needed to join a virtual team dispersed across the world in a global company. Meeting new customers and dealing with customer service incidents can all be transferred online when we recognize that meetings are about personal encounters and people and not just about sharing slides. 

Internal video meetings create a great foundation for meeting customers and other external parties via video. Nevertheless, when you meet customers in person, it is prudent to pay more attention to preparation and quality than when you meet your in-house colleagues. The tips below will help you to get started with meeting your customers via video.

Tips for organizing online customer meetings

Look for additional value

Evaluate the situation and look at the possibility of creating additional value by changing a meeting in person to an online meeting. Video is often an enabler for faster decision making and reduces the need for travel. By meeting customers all around the world on the same day, the time savings gained with video are clearly seen. Have you considered organizing customer events online? The possibilities are vast, but we also need to remember that video cannot fully replace a physical meeting and creating relationships by sharing great moments and laughs together in person are still valuable.

Prepare & pay attention to quality

Especially when meeting a customer, the responsibility is yours to make the video conference set up work and comfortable for all participants and is more important than in an everyday internal team meeting. Usually employees already have the skillset to use the tools and well-organized dedicated workspace for their internal meetings but when meeting external parties there are some points which require extra attention. Before agreeing to an online customer meeting, ensure that your guests have the correct tools or devices, have internet access and can reach the virtual meeting room.  When you send the invitation remember to include a link to the meeting and clear instructions for joining and even include possible browser recommendations. Our Videomeeting etiquette advice gives good tips and points to consider for online meetings.

Be prepared to advise

Good preparation is usually enough to guarantee a smooth video meeting experience for our guests too. But no matter how well we prepare the invitation and share instructions it might be necessary to advise the customer how to use the video meeting tools during the call. As an organizer you are the expert and need to be tolerant with your guest who possibly is just starting to learn how to use video.

Embrace the “culture of encounters”

It is even more important in customer rather than in internal meetings to embrace the “culture of encounters”. According to Albert Mehrabian’s 7-38-55 Rule of Personal Communication, the elements of personal communication are: 7% spoken words, 38% voice and tone and 55% body language. It is clear therefore, that we cannot achieve effective results in online meetings if we only share slides and the other participants cannot see our faces and read our body language. Allow time for dialogue and discussion and use video to really understand and connect with your customers.

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