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03/2021, 5 min read

“I think that online events open up a lot of possibilities for the media and journalists. The fact that they don’t have to be physically present or travel to different locations, but they can join from their own offices or home offices even, that is a big thing. It’s not only about saving time, but also expenses for many.” - Owe Ekman, Vice President Global Portfolio and Solutions, Elisa Videra.

Finnish Ice Hockey Association held press conference online

On Monday 26th of October 2020, a small physical gathering of Finnish Ice Hockey executives are happening at the Elisa Videra headquarters in Helsinki. At least it might seem like a small gathering, until members from the biggest news media companies in Finland start appearing on the big screen in the lobby. Over 35 journalists from all over the country, are joining this online event via their computers, phones or tablets. All the necessary preparations have been made, but it is a new experience for most. 

Owe Ekman, Elisa Videra’s Vice President Global portfolio and solutions commented, “There were over 35 journalists joining virtually and you never know how the journalists are going to react to this type of event. Have they used these types of tools before, or are they even familiar with this type of virtual environment?” During this event, the respective Ice Hockey teams for the season 2020-2021 are announced, journalists are able to ask questions of the coaches and the coaches are given the opportunity to answer back, just like a traditional press conference, but yet, not traditional at all!

Check out the recap of the event

Jukka Jalonen, Head Coach of the National Hockey team, commented on the event: “This was a well-produced event, and it’s evident that we are dealing with industry professionals. No matter if this was  a seminar or this type of press conference, they probably do not differ a lot, and if there isn't the possibility or it doesn't make sense to get everyone physically present, these are easy to arrange even an international level."

Mobile press conference

The co-operation between Elisa Videra and the Ice Hockey scene in Finland continues as the Finnish Ice Hockey Association faced a new challenge while preparing for the World Championships in the midst of the pandemic: an increasing demand for interviews and in-depth team information. The Poly P15 personal video bar concept, designed and implemented by Elisa Videra, proved to be a winning one.

Online means less travelling

Arranging an event, like a press conference, used to mean that we had to go somewhere in order to participate. This might be a thing of the past, as having online events does not only save you the time and money connected with travelling, but it is also easier for those arranging the event. 

“That we’re able to get journalists and media more easily to participate, and even when it's needed at short notice, results in a more efficient flow of information” , Ekman commented.

Henna Malmberg, Communications director, Finnish Ice Hockey Association, also states: “This also allows the international media to participate without travelling,” meaning online events also carry another potentially game-changing feature for many companies: scalability. You can easily promote and reach an audience on a global scale, rather than just arranging a local gathering. 

Arranging an online event also brings more flexibility regarding the space you'll need, since there is no need for large crowds to gather in one place. Thus, you benefit from the costs savings related to renting or booking a space for your event.

Online meetings do not only benefit you before and during, but also after the event. Like physical events, feedback is important. In an online environment, participants can easily access the polls and surveys that allow you to gather data more easily. This helps you measure results and get the post event processes, such as marketing, completed in an efficient, cost-effective way. 

"The fact that they don’t have to be physically present or travel to different locations, but they can join from their own offices or home offices even, that is a big thing. " - Owe Ekman, Elisa Videra

The new normal

It’s evident that online events can serve us with opportunities and benefits that are out of the physical environment’s reach, as embodied the press conference mentioned above. Ekman comments, “I think that this opens up a lot of possibilities for the media and journalists. The fact that they don’t have to be physically present or travel to different locations, but they can join from their own offices or home offices even, that is a big thing. It’s not only about saving time, but also expenses for many.”

Also, according to Malmberg, the future is bright for online events: “I think these type of events are here to stay, not perhaps replacing the traditional events completely, but as a part of the ways in which events are arranged, for instance as a type of combination of physical and online”.

Our In Meeting Services

The press conference was a great example of how our experts, together with the event organizers, make sure that the online event becomes a great success. 

Through event organization support, pre-event testing and live assistance, we ensure that the participants are supported prior, during and even after the event. Amongst other things, these services include tailor made rooms for each purpose, dry-run tests of the room with close monitoring and immediate action in the event trouble arises. 

We have many different functions we can utilize to make the event as smooth as possible, for instance, automated calendar invitations, chat, virtual pre-event lobbies, the ability to call in participants or connect participants dialling in and much more. 

All of these features work together in order to create a great online event experience, that is worry-free, easy to produce and manage. "I don’t see any problems with this, whoever would like to arrange these types of events. It’s clear that the technical side of things are at a high enough level that these events can be arranged anywhere in the world, and what’s better than that?" Jalonen comments. 

Make the most of your online events. 

Virtual Event and In Meeting Services

We help you organise virtual events without the technology headaches. Our experts together with your event organisers will ensure the event is successful. Remotely and onsite.

Global Managed​ Services & Monitoring 

Ensure video conference solutions availability and call quality and get peace of mind with our Managed Services; management of your hybrid work environments, emerging issues automatically fixed before they become problems and effortless monitoring.

Secure solutions with complementing hardware

Choose the most suitable video infrastructure deployment scheme for your needs: on-premise, private Cloud, shared Cloud or hybrid. Elisa Videra connects different vendor technologies, platforms and devices, offering you a full control and integration possibilities.

Interoperability & Gateway Solutions

Enable your video meeting solutions to work seamlessly with one-click. Elisa Videra provides video interoperability solutions connecting modern meeting devices and traditional video conferencing devices to one workflow.

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