Digital goes LED technology


The popularity of LED displays is increasing and gradually LEDs have become a competitor for the traditional LCD display technology. Nevertheless, there are number of reasons why LCD displays have been dominating the Digital industry. LCDs are colorful, eye-catching, reliable and last, but not the least, relatively cost-efficient. In addition, they can offer wide viewing angles to attract attention and engage viewers. LCD products still have a large market share, even though the growth evidently is slowing down.


LCD displays have their drawbacks. With the course of time LCDs tend to lose their original brightness, their response time is not always sufficient to handle “heavy content” – first and foremost fast moving videos. Despite of the fact that LCD panels are getting bigger in size, there are still obvious size limits and cost implications which should be carefully considered by those who are planning to deploy large LCD displays.

Some disadvantages of LCD displays can be seen in video wall applications where content is seamlessly spread across multiple screens. Within a LCD video wall, color reproduction may vary from display to display. However, the major disadvantage is the bezel of each individual display which potentially can tear the image apart and so distract the viewers.


LEDs are on the other side of the scale. The technology continues to develop and so does the LED market. LED displays are offering perfect brightness, fast response time, wide angles for viewing and high reliability. LED displays, by their nature, have no frames what enables an entirely seamless image and irregular line-up designs with unique shapes and forms. LED solutions are flexible to fit in to wide variety of different environments – be it retail flagship stores, corporate lobbies, showcases and executive briefing rooms.

One recent technology advancement in LED, worth a separate mention, is the continuing development of small-pitch LED displays designed for indoor use. The distance between the pixels in those displays (the so-called pitch) is getting smaller to 1,0 mm or even lower. This makes LEDs an excellent alternative to almost every Digital application and opens up a new use cases. LED displays also have their drawbacks which include yet higher costs compared to LCD options. What is more, in order to ensure consistency of colors and brightness, the LED display as a rule should be consisted of LED panels from the same manufacturing batch.

To conclude, with each LCD and LED displays having advantages and disadvantages, which of two technologies will win the race?  Some market observers believe that LEDs, particularly small-pixel pitch, are going to gain market share of LCDs and eventually replace them. Whereas some are arguing that both are going to stay having their own niches and better choice application. But no one seems to be betting solely on LCDs and denying the fact that LCD displays are becoming increasingly prevalent in the Digital industry.

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