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Article 03/2021, 5min read

Microsoft Surface Hub 2S 85" provides an immersive virtual experience that enables productive collaboration in hybrid working. Transformation to a modern workplace also requires a clear roadmap and its successful implementation.

As the ways of working have been completely renewed in the era of remote work, so has the definition of workplace. In terms of office space and its utilisation, this boils down to two questions: how should a modern office be designed, and how can modern technology best support this transformation?

"The efficient use of available space is the key," explains Antti Kuosmanen, Business Group Lead at Microsoft. "Even before the pandemic, offices had to meet certain flexibility standards; now, it all comes down to how modular they can actually become."

Microsoft Surface Hub 2S 85" – participation made easy 

As remote and hybrid working have become a norm in most organisations, a standard video meeting is no longer able to solve the challenge of productive collaboration.

"What people actually do in meetings is more important than the fact that they are simply connected with one another. Everyone must have equal opportunities to innovate and interact," Kuosmanen points out.

This is precisely the driving idea behind Microsoft Surface Hub 2S 85", a massive canvas that includes everything a team needs to collaborate remotely, as if they were in the same room. Or even – given its impressive screen size – a little bit closer than that.

"The technology has been simplified to the utmost, so that everyone knows precisely what to do and meetings can start promptly," says Kuosmanen, referring to the starting point of the very first Surface Hub, which was frustration with the slow start of Skype meetings. "Easily transforming space of any size into a Teams-supported collaboration space has been the key factor in developing the new 85-inch version".

An immersive user experience

The 2S is a comprehensive collaboration solution – practically a huge Windows 10 computer with all the required technology such as PC, camera, microphones and speakers embedded. Supporting several users simultaneously, both in the room and remotely, it conveniently turns any kind of workspace into a Microsoft Teams-supporting solution environment.

Furthermore, Microsoft Surface Hub 2S 85" supports an increasing selection of third-party applications, bringing digital whiteboards and other workshop platforms within easy reach of the participants.

Thanks to its nimble stand, the device is easy to move from room to room. As all you need is electricity and a wireless network connection, it is ready for work literally in seconds. Twenty touchpoints and a width of more than 2 metres enable simultaneous participation from several people – even when taking today's social distancing requirements into account. If there are plenty of remote participants, two devices can be used so that the faces are presented in one and a presentation or a whiteboard application in the other.

"We want to provide an immersive user experience", summarises Antti Kuosmanen. "You become so used to the device that you stop thinking about the technology or about who's present and who's remote. You simply click it on and start collaborating."

Meet the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S 85"

Watch a demo recording to hear use case examples for Microsoft Surface Hub 2S and to see a practical Surface Hub 85“ device demonstration. 

One workflow helps to focus on the essential

Eeva Nyberg, Elisa Videra's Head of Solution Sales, agrees that, at best, a virtual collaboration experience should be as convenient as if everyone were physically in the same room.

"While the new innovative features that modern technology provides accelerate the development, the basic thinking is very simple. The overall solution has to be easy to deploy and manage, and most importantly, easy to use."

In regard to this, Nyberg praises Microsoft's efforts to bring back the one workflow approach; from the user's point of view, when there is only one workflow, the need to even recognise the chosen technology disappears. Microsoft Surface Hub 2S 85" is a great example of how this basic thinking can work to the organisation's advantage.

"The organisations are looking for opportunities to enable productive collaboration", Eeva Nyberg states. "The fact that they can focus on a single ecosystem with the solutions supporting the native user experience truly adds value to their operations."

The transformation from conferencing to collaborating

As an experienced provider of virtual collaboration solutions, Elisa Videra has noticed the various benefits that a single ecosystem can provide. These are – obviously – substantial investments, so careful planning is essential in ensuring that both the chosen solution and the timing for implementing it are the best possible.

Eeva Nyberg points out that more often than not, the process involves some uncertainties in which an expert with a broad view of the market can help.

"The organisations cannot be expected to have comprehensive knowledge of all the available opportunities. On the other hand, the transition phase often takes some time. We help choose the best possible toolkit for productive collaboration and draw a clear roadmap all the way to successful implementation."

Elisa Videra's support goes from strategic planning all the way to the design of actual premises; to choosing what kind of equipment is needed for every room and how to implement the overall collaboration solution in the most effective way. Active participation is necessary to ensure that right things remain at the centre of attention.

"In the modern working environment, plain video communication is not enough", points out Eeva Nyberg. "What happens within the framework of collaborating defines the efficiency, and that is where the focus has to be."

Make the most of your virtual communications solutions.

Managed services for peace of mind

Elisa Videra is first and foremost a  services company. We support you every step of the way, ensuring your video service is up and running. Our proactive monitoring system allows real-time visibility of all assets, usage data and service performance. Emerging issues are fixed automatically before they become major problems. And if you should need support, we are your single point of contact providing assistance 24/7. 

Device solutions providing a seamless experience

Elisa Videra offers a comprehensive selection of modern long-term solutions for different office spaces and home workers. All our native Microsoft Teams solutions are fully configured and tested for a seamless user experience and can be delivered anywhere. 

Easy access to modern work devices

Enable the modern work concept across different meeting spaces using a single Microsoft Teams workflow. Also available as a service, our experts design and deploy room solutions based on your needs and assist you with user adoption. Through us, enjoy easy access to the latest Microsoft Teams devices and use your familiar, existing video fleet to join your Microsoft Teams.

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