Elisa Videra is a Global Microsoft Partner specialised in native Teams room solutions for large international enterprises

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Elisa Videra equips you with native devices, enables wider use of Microsoft Teams with other technologies, enabling to you use Microsoft Teams client as your business phone system. Our Global Managed Services and monitoring help you to fix emerging issues before they even become problems.

Solutions for modern work from a certified Microsoft service provider

Transforming your work

Transform your current office spaces and remote user solutions to support modern work. We give you the best practices and expertise to design, deploy and implement your hybrid working strategy.

Solutions for office spaces and home workers

Get native Microsoft Teams room and home worker solutions and use your existing video fleet to join meetings. All our native Microsoft Teams solutions are fully configured and tested for a seamless user experience and can be delivered anywhere. We provide additional audio solutions to replace your legacy business phone systems.

Managed services for peace of mind

Ensure your service is up and running. Our proactive monitoring system allows real-time visibility of all assets, usage and service performance. Emerging issues are fixed automatically before they become problems. Our service desk is available 24/7 and in multiple languages to ensure your peace of mind.

Native​ Microsoft Teams Devices 

We enable work across spaces, unified by Microsoft Teams; full working bundles with flexible financing, not only hardware resell, smart room solutions with rigorous testing, certification and wide Microsoft Teams shared device offering.

Global Managed​ Services & Monitoring

Ensure Teams usage and call quality and get peace of mind with our Managed Services; management of your hybrid work environments, emerging issues automatically fixed before they become problems and effortless monitoring. 

Interoperability & ​Gateway Solutions

Make most out of your solutions. Enable wider use of other technologies with Teams by our interoperability gateway solutions, and let third-party systems connect to your Teams meetings.

Voice​ Solutions

Use Teams to replace legacy voice solutions and still give users access to needed services. Cloudify your existing on-premises voice environment and get all Direct Routing benefits.

Any cloud, any device – we make it work

Provide your people with freedom of choice wherever they meet and work. Elisa Videra designs, integrates, delivers and manages interoperable technology solutions for large international enterprises with a can-do attitude.  With us your video service will always be up and running enabling smooth virtual interaction.

More on Microsoft Teams

Elisa Videra is a Global Microsoft Teams Rooms Partner. We equip you with native devices, enable wider use of Microsoft Teams with other technologies, and let you use Microsoft Teams client as your business phone system.

To learn more on Microsoft Teams solution please visit Microsoft website.

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