Elisa Videra offers services for virtual collaboration for large international enterprises


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Our services give you a peace of mind to focus on your core business and tasks at hand. We provide end-to-end services from architecture design, solution delivery, to proactive support and monitoring. We work to ensure you an undisrupted service experience with our 24/7 service desk and a team of certified experts. We listen and understand customers like no one else.

Integration for seamless experience

Secure and always available

24/7 support and +100 countries delivery

Managed Services

Enjoy the solution benefits without stress. We remove the complexity of communication tools maintenance, giving you a peace of mind to focus on core business. 

Professional Services

Leave the technology headaches to us. We help you design, optimise and deliver a fully functioning collaboration solution – tailored and suitable for your needs and requirements. 

Service Monitoring with Hummingbird 

A complete view of your estate is invaluable. Know exactly what is working and what are the issues to keep your company running.

Any cloud, any device – we make it work

Provide your people with freedom of choice wherever they meet and work. Elisa Videra designs, integrates, delivers and manages interoperable technology solutions with a can-do attitude.

Advisory & Design Services

We design and deliver the solution you need to ensure integration with existing business tools and a swift implementation. Our solutions are vendor and platform agnostic, meaning that your business needs and requirements are put in the first place. We take care of the technologies and platform integrations for you. 

Global Delivery & Deployment

Fulfill your requirements for solution delivery and deployment on a global scale with Elisa Videra Global Delivery & Deployment Services. We follow established  global delivery standards to ensure a unified customer experience.

Global Service Desk

Our inhouse service desk teams are based in Madrid, Spain and Oulu, Finland. The teams consist of certified industry experts who aim to resolve issues proactively and keep the service running. Our service desk is available 24/7 and in multiple languages to ensure your peace of mind.

Service Monitoring with Hummingbird

A complete view of your estate is invaluable. Know exactly what is working and what are the issues to keep your company running. Service monitoring not only fixes problems for you before they occur, but uses data to enhance operational efficiency of assets and workflow in your organization.

Virtual Event & In Meeting Services

We help you organise online events without the technology headaches. Our experts together with your event organisers will ensure the event is successful both remotely or onsite. You will receive a highly customised service that provides the required technologies, from planning, testing to live assistance throughout the event. 

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