Elisa Videra offers services designed for enterprise-grade video collaboration and digital signage solutions


for enterprise-grade video collaboration and digital signage solutions

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Elisa Videra Services and customer support are built for video conferencing and digital signage solutions. Ensure an undisrupted service experience for your end-users by trusting a Service Provider with certified experts and 24/7 Service Desk. 

Benefits of investing in specialised Service Provider

Why investing in specialised Service Provider pays off:

  • Secure and successful turnkey deployment for your solution offers a stress-free solution delivery and deployment experience on a global scale
  • Assured service performance and scalable operations with no need to hire and upskill in-house experts 
  • Customised solutions, integrations and vendor-agnostic technology options available to ensure the solution will meet your business requirements
  • End-to-end managed service with proactive monitoring and problem resolution.

Outsourcing services provides you with peace of mind to focus on your core business and operations

Outsourcing services provides you with peace of mind

Elisa Videra certified experts and 24/7 Service Desk always deliver enterprise-grade, end-to-end services from architecture design, solution delivery, and proactive support and monitoring matching customer business needs and solution requirements.

  • Service prerequisites and assessments

    Elisa Videra Advisory and Design Services take care of the security aspects, network and platform compatibility assessments, solution design and planning the implementation of the solution to help anticipate and prevent possible issues with service deployment and management. As a one-stop shop, we also offer fit-for-purpose solution bundles and deployment options. 

  • Deployment

    We ensure secure and successful deployment of solutions and products, to your users and locations. Whether we are deploying complete visual collaborations solutions or delivering products to a single location, we manage the delivery on your behalf leaving you with a fully functioning solution ready for use.

  • Support and maintenance

    Choose the right service level for support and maintenance according to your needs. Scale your business with a specialised service provider without the need to invest or upskill your own resources. Our 24/7 support services with proactive monitoring and on-site support will take care of you and all the solution software, security, and service management needs, anywhere in the world.

  • Renewal

    Let us guide you to keep the solution experience up to date with necessary hardware renewals, solution upgrades, and dedicated governance models. Elisa Videra Envisioning Services will empower you with the latest knowledge and understanding to take the next steps toward your future investments.

When it comes to Service, one-size NEVER fits all

Your critical business needs should dictate the service requirements for your solution.

Case Elisa: Remote management services & remote monitoring

Case Elisa

Remote management services & remote monitoring

Elisa opted for smoother video collaboration with remote management services and made the leap from log files to insight with Hummingbird remote monitoring. 

Why is managing and maintaining Microsoft Teams Rooms a more difficult task than it might sound

As Microsoft Teams Rooms requires a new approach and specific understanding of room systems, it is often a worthwhile decision to outsource support to an MTR specialised managed service provider rather than train the staff or the IT service provider on all the room, device, monitoring system and technology vendor-specific details.

Download our handbook to learn more on why managing and maintaining MTRs might be more difficult task than it might sound.

Elisa Videra Services include:

Related Solutions and Services

  • Additional value on top of Microsoft Teams and Zoom

    Elisa Videra designs, delivers, and maintains video collaboration services and solutions that are empowered by industry-leading technology vendors including Microsoft, Zoom, and Pexip. With our services such as platform management, professional services, and CVI, you are able to add concrete value on top of the platform. 

  • Multi-vendor room solutions enabling hybrid work

    Whether you are looking for native Microsoft Teams Rooms, Zoom Rooms, Cisco Webex Rooms, or traditional video endpoint solutions, we help you modernize your meeting spaces with the latest collaboration technology. We deliver full room solutions for different spaces including screens, digital whiteboards, audio and other peripherals.

  • Modern Digital Signage Content Management

    Improve your workplace communication in offices, lobbies, and production sites with fully automated & personalized content workflows. Increase daily operations efficiency by ensuring the content reaches the right audience, including the remote teams. And no need to create new content.

  • Monitoring Service

    A complete view of your estate is invaluable. Know exactly what is working and what are the issues to keep your company running. Service monitoring not only fixes problems for you before they occur, but uses data to enhance operational efficiency of assets and workflow in your organization.


Any cloud, any device – we make it work

Provide your people with freedom of choice wherever they meet and work. Elisa Videra designs, integrates, delivers and manages interoperable technology solutions with a can-do attitude.

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