Elisa Videra offers services for virtual collaboration for large international enterprises

Virtual event and In Meeting services

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We help you organise virtual events without the technology headaches. Our experts together with your event organisers will ensure the event is successful. Remotely and onsite.

Event organization that works with multiple platforms

We have broad experience with customers from different industries to manage virtual events online with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Pexip and more. Depending on your requirements and the chosen communications platform, these are the aspects we can support you with: 

  • Pre-event support: Our operators work together with your event organizer to identify the specific requirements and plan for the actual event accordingly. We will support you with the invitation process to define the required information for you to prepare your participants for successful joining. 
  • Pre-event testing: We help you organize a pre event testing session where we can test not only your setup but also allow remote participants to test theirs and thus remove any uncertainty prior to the actual event and enable your audiences to focus on the event contents and not the technology supporting it. 
  • Live support and monitoring:  We ensure all parties are connected without issues, may launch the event/meeting on your behalf by greeting the participants and manage your participants from queuing in the lobby to how they will participate the main event and discussion. 
  • Post-event: We walk through the event, how it went and what we learnt, with you to allow further understanding and insight into the event production for future references and gained returns.

Benefits  for you

  • Customised to your specific needs 
  • Maximizing your resource efficiency - removing the need to manage the technologies 
  • Access to our vast experience in various technologies and providing these services 

Event studio setup 

We supply event production services in line with customer requirements by providing not only an experienced production team to manage the virtual event onsite but also additional technologies to deliver high quality virtual events.  

  • Studio on the move (Lights, camera & action): Temporarily equipping your chosen destination with high quality studio equipment from lights to sound and cameras and operating them during the event with a sufficient crew based on your requirements and the proposed setup. 
  • Studios: Depending on your location, we may provide you with access to an established studio that is purposely build for this type of production. 

  • Managed Services

    Enjoy the solution benefits without stress. We remove the complexity of communication tools maintenance, giving you a peace of mind to focus on core business.

  • Service Monitoring with Hummingbird

    A complete view of your estate is invaluable. Know exactly what is working and what are the issues to keep your company running. 

  • Advisory & Design Services

    We design and deliver the solution you need to ensure integration with existing business tools and swift implementation. 

Any cloud, any device – we make it work

Provide your people with freedom of choice wherever they meet and work. Elisa Videra designs, integrates, delivers and manages interoperable technology solutions with a can-do attitude.

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