Elisa Videra offers professional services for virtual collaboration for large international enterprises

Professional services

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Leave the technology headaches to us. We help you design, optimize and delivery a fully functioning collaboration solution – tailored for your needs and requirements. Our experts help with solution integration ensuring different platforms work together.

Advisory & design services

To understand your needs in detail, our experts will assess your environment, user requirements and scenarios to provide the best fit in terms of solutions, integrations and services. In addition to detailed solution design based on your requirements, we help you plan and execute the deployment of the solutions all the way to the required integrations. For choosing the best devices for you, our Site Survey service can be used to survey your office spaces to offer the best device solutions for your needs.

Our team of specialised engineers also provides consultancy to ensure the solutions your organisation uses are functional, easy-to-use, and cost-efficient. The consultancy services include network and security assessment, platform optimization, workflow envisioning and design. 


  • Recommended customised solutions and integrations 
  • Vendor agnostic technology options, wide range of options available 
  • Scalable and efficient resources, no need to hire and upskill in-house experts  

Global delivery & deployment

We ensure secure and successful deployment of solutions and products, to your users and locations. Whether we are deploying complete visual collaborations solutions or delivering products to a single location, we manage the delivery on your behalf leaving you with a fully functioning solution ready for use. Over the years we have supported our customers by delivering to over 100 countries and by deploying as many different customer solutions. Our expertise and strategic partnerships with our 3rd party suppliers ensure your deployments are following the agreed standard and quality on a global scale.


  • End to end coverage, from sourcing to deployment and use
  • Secure and effective deployments following a global standard
  • Various deployment models available depending on your needs


User adoption & training

Users in your organisation must be prepared and engaged with the deployment of the solutions to face the change of new ways of working. When change makes users feel anxious and confused, they tend to resist. Elisa Videra always creates change management plans considering this and encourages customers to find various ways for inclusion. From the identification of targets to staging the communication all the way to equipping your users with the right knowledge, we are helping you ensure returns on your investment. 


  • Effective change management from planning to facilitation as part of the deployment
  • Remote or onsite user training for faster and better adoption

Video Device Solutions

Best-in-class devices for all workspaces. Elisa Videra’s video device solutions and Managed Services for modern workspaces enable you to succeed in transforming your way of work.

Video Conferencing Platforms

Elisa Videra works closely with the industry leading technology vendors to provide solutions solving the most common enterprise needs in collaboration: anytime access, scalability and security. 

Global Service Desk

Our inhouse service desk teams are based in Madrid, Spain and Oulu, Finland. Our multi-lingual Service Desk is available 24/7 to ensure peace of mind.

Any cloud, any device – we make it work

Provide your people with freedom of choice wherever they meet and work. Elisa Videra designs, integrates, delivers and manages interoperable technology solutions with a can-do attitude.

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