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Provide an engaging and more personal digital customer experience for your customers, clients and patients. Elisa Videra Customer Engagement Solutions create trust and comfort for decision-making with face-to-face service and improved service reachability.

Integration and customisation for seamless experience

Global End-to-End Managed & Professional Services 

Secure and always available

Video has become an everyday tool for everyone, both at work and in our personal lives. As digital tools have become widely adopted, they are also expected as part of effective customer service. 

To remain competitive, businesses need to provide engaging online channels for customer interaction, with tools that are familiar to consumers, easy to use and have a branded look and feel. The solutions must also integrate with the business processes, tools and workflows.

Elisa Videra delivers Customer Engagement Solutions for retail, banking and finance, healthcare and public sector organisations. These customer-specific solutions function in a secure and customisable single-tenant environment.  

Offer your consumer customers a safe and convenient remote customer experience, be it online planning and designing, help with product installation, streamlined customer support, banking services or remote consultations.

  • Build trust and comfort for decision-making

    Boost your business with improved service reachability, and equip your people with an effective way to sell and provide services. Elisa Videra Customer Engagement Solutions turn real-life customer interactions digital. Video enablement makes remote face-to-face experience more personal and allows you to win the end-customer’s trust. The basic video enablement setup with Pexip Infinity is accessible to all and requires no downloads or installations. This video engine provides unrivalled interoperability, reliability, and quality.

  • Customised and integrated seamless experience

    Enrich your customer communication channels with easy-to-use, white-labelled and customised Elisa Videra Customer Engagement Solutions. There are endless ways to digitise the customer experience in addition to video enablement, from supporting contact centre integrations and chat services to allowing omnichannel messaging like WhatsApp . We also offer integrations and enhanced capabilities, as well as custom application development.

  • Enjoy the solution benefits without headaches

    We remove the complexity of maintaining your customer interaction tools, giving you a peace of mind to focus on your core business. Benefit from the scalable and resource efficient solution with no need to hire and upskill in-house experts. Our Service Desk is available 24/7 in multiple languages. We monitor the health of the solutions resolving emerging issues before they become problems.

Digitise your customer experience with Elisa Videra’s certified professionals

Elisa Videra’s Professional Services will guide you through the transformation process and help you to conceptualise, design, deploy and operate digital services for your end-customers and ensure their data is secure. Elisa Videra hold the much sought after ISO27001 standard for Security. We also offer integrations and enhanced capabilities, as well as custom application development.



Enable seamless remote communication and collaboration with customers using rich, digital online channels. Gain extended reach and an expanded customer base. Elisa Videra Customer Engagement Solutions for Retail offer new tools for sales and customer service which can be suited for virtually any use case: online planning and designing, product installation, customer support, reclamations and maintenance service, just to name a few.

Bank and Finance

Build engaging client and customer relationships and drive loyalty. Elisa Videra Customer Engagement Solutions for Banking and Finance integrate with existing solutions and processes to enable safe and personalised digital customer services for loans and credits, savings and investments, daily banking services and other financial services.

Public Sector

Provide citizens with greater convenience, efficiency and accessibility with digitised communication tools. Elisa Videra Customer Engagement Solutions for the Public Sector help build secure and scalable, digitised experiences for court systems, remote consultations, social insurance services and permit applications as well as services for health, disability and the elderly. 


Offer trust, confidence, and ease of use for patients with Elisa Videra Customer Engagement Solutions for Healthcare. Remote consultations, diagnostics and patient monitoring enable quick and convenient aid in the field, help save time, increase efficiency and allow faster access to treatment. 

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